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In 2014, singer, songwriter G'nee had all the judges on their feet. Broke chairs and had a standing ovation for her breathtaking interpretation of Beyonce's Halo at the blind audition of the very popular television show La Voix II (The Voice). Gaining exposure, a loyal fan base and a lot of media attention. Her scene-stealing performance, including an unforgettable, rapturous rendition of the very famous French song Non, je ne regrette rien originally performed by Edith Piaf, earned her a spot on the La Voix II album and her first gold record.

The songstress has been turning heads all over the world for quite some time now. She's performed in countries such as Morocco, Indonesia, Russia, China, Malaysia, England, Paris to name a few and also all across Canada.


She keeps it real, sings it raw and makes sure to keep those shivers going down your spine with her deep and sultry vocals. G'nee is clearly on her way to stardom!

"She really has the look of a star, no doubt about it. "


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